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Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No. 17, Blok G-H Lt.2, Jakarta Selatan 12790
+6221-798-2538 / +6221-799-6032
Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No. 17, Blok G-H Lt.2, Jakarta Selatan 12790
B2TKE-BPPT: Rooftop PV 10 kWp with Li-On Battery

Application: Collaboration between B2TKE-BPPT (Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology) and Syntek in designing an on-grid micro power plant. The plant consists of rooftop photo-volta

Sootblowing PLC Migration from Siemens S5 to S7

Application: Sootblowing process for boiler in PLN Ombilin Coal Power Plant   Scope of work: Siemens PLC replacement and reprogramming Migration from Operator Panel to Intouch HMI &

PLTM Water Monitoring & System Integration

Application: Water level (weir, waterway, and headpond) and penstock flow rate measurement across 3 Hydro-Electric Power Plants   Scope of work includes procurement, installation, and commissi

Drillling Rig LVMDP

Scope of work: Engineering, procurement, and commissioning of 5 new LVMDP (Low Voltage Main Distribution Panel) for EPI drilling rig

PLN-PLTM Data Integration
PLN-PLTM Segara Data Integration

Application: PLTM Segara, a micro-hydro power plant operated by PT. Suar Investindo, requested PT. Syntek to implement data integration between their existing conventional SCADA and government grid o

PLTS Rumberpon Monitoring System

Application: PLTS Rumberpon monitoring system for battery inverter and power meter   Technology: Atvise web-based SCADA Marcomm Modbus OPC Server SMA Sunny Island 8.0 integration

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