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Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No. 17, Blok G-H Lt.2, Jakarta Selatan 12790
+6221-798-2538 / +6221-799-6032
Jl. Mampang Prapatan Raya No. 17, Blok G-H Lt.2, Jakarta Selatan 12790

Distributed Control System – Hollysys MACS-K DCS

HOLLiAS MACS-K is an open distributed process control system, which is based on industrial Ethernet and field bus technology, performs with reliable, flexible and easy-to-use features, meeting the demands of different industrial applications.



• Full Redundancy
Redundant configuration is available in every aspect, from the system network (SNET), control network (CNET), power supply, controller to the I/O modules, protecting the system against any single-point failure.


• Multiple Isolation
System power and the field power are supplied separately; the module communication is isolated optically from the field signal; and galvanic isolation is provided between the I/O channels.


• Harsh Environment Adaptability
The system is built to perform under harsh industrial environment, with the EMC requirements compliant with IEC-61000 and the airborne contaminants level satisfying ISA S71.04 G3.


• Real-time and Secure Network
The Deterministic Real-time Industrial Ethernet is adopted in the system network (SNET), and anti network-storm components are equipped inside the controller.


• Comprehensive Diagnostics
Complete self-diagnostics are conducted by the controller and I/O modules all the time. All types of faults, such as communication failure, open wire, short circuit and over range, can be detected and reported to the operator in a timely manner.


• Fail-safe Concepts
Signal quality is verified before logic calculation; output can automatically switch to the pre-defined safe value when failure occurs; multiple digital bits are used to represent 0/1 to detect and screen the memory error under extreme environment. Failure-safe design is implemented throughout the entire system.


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