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Project Description


Make your office smart with the Smart Micro-Grid System designed and integrated by Syntek. Smart Micro-Grid combines technology and communication to control and operate the electric power system in delivering electricity.

Syntek built the BPPT Smart Micro Grid (SMG) consisting of a Photovoltaic System and a Battery with a maximum capacity of 10 KWp. The system supplied included control systems such as PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

With the SCADA system, Syntek helps BPPT to easily monitor the status of the smart-grid component, record the energy production of the solar panel system, and integrate the Smart-meter and weather monitoring system.

The amount of power can also be reduced because the system knows exactly how much electricity is needed at any given time.

Smart, Sophisticated, and More Environmentally

Scope of work includes engineering, procurement, and construction/commissioning of:

  • PV plant and inverter
  • Li-on battery and inverter
  • PLC, remote IO, and SCADA
  • Tie-in with existing electrical utility supply (PLN) and building load
  • Control room, complete with furniture and 4×40″ monitors
  • Implement battery back-up & load-shedding functionality
  • Distribution board with remote control MCB

Power Technology:

  • Canadian Solar 260 wp PV Module
  • SMA Sunny Tripower STP10000
  • Hoppecke SunpowerPack Premium 2×5 kW Li-on Battery with BMS
  • SMA Sunny Island 3.0M (3-phase)

Control System Technology:

  • Atvise web-based SCADA
  • Crevis remote IO and Codesys PLC
  • Schneider Reflex MCB
  • Integration with Blynk android app for remote monitoring
  • Integration with DLMS smart power meter
  • SMA Sunspec Modbus communication module

Auxiliary System:

  • OpenVPN network
  • Indoor and outdoor IP CCTV
  • Surface temperature sensor & DC current transmitter
  • Davis VantagePro Weather Station with OceanControl Modbus TCP Gateway


Serpong, Tangerang





Project Details

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