Derawan Hybrid PV Plant

Derawan Hybrid PV Plant2021-01-22T09:08:29+00:00

Project Description

Syntek conducted battery system revitalization and combined the power supply from the existing solar power plants with the PLN grid supplied by diesel generators.

By revitalizing several components such as the OPzV Battery, Bidirectional Inverter, Multicluster Box, and Grid-connect Box, Syntek has been proven to be able to optimize the performance of the battery system so that it can support the integration of solar power plants with the grid.

Further, Syntek also provided a solution to enable battery discharge to the island grid via controllable Mikrodev PLC System. The system also serves as monitoring and control as well as a communication and data logging system. Data from existing components are pulled and displayed through web-based HMI which can be accessed through a computer (PC) or mobile phone.

Now, the performance of Derawan Solar Power Plants is increasingly optimal and easy to control.


Derawan, East Kalimantan


PT PLN (Persero)



Project Details

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