Konda Maloba 120 kWp Off-Grid PV Power Plant

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Konda Maloba 120 kWp Off-Grid PV Power Plant2022-04-28T07:03:33+00:00

Project Description

In addition to building PLTS Off Grid 90 kWp Praikalala & PLTS Off Grid 130 kWp Ngadulanggi in East Sumba Regency, We again managed to build PLTS Off Grid 120 kWp Konda Maloba in 2021. Plts located in South Katikutana District of Central Sumba Regency has a battery storage capacity of 288 kWh and is the only source of electrical energy in the remote region.

Worked by the best team of experienced and experts in their fields, Syntek was able to complete the project perfectly even though Seroja Storm had become an obstacle and challenge on this trip. With the intention to build the country, we are always determined to continue to provide the best service to PLN (PERSERO) UIW NTT in a very limited time.

Syntek is proud to be able to make a real contribution to the country in building PLTS Off Gird to meet the needs of people in remote areas (3T) that have not been touched by PLN’s network system by providing reliable, quality, and renewable electricity in Indonesia.




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