Ngadulangi 130 kWp Off-Grid PV Power Plant

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Project Description

As pln’s integrator and main contractor, Syntek Energy & Control managed to present a light in Ngadulanggi Village, after successfully building a source of electrical energy that has long been coveted by villagers. PLTS Off Grid 130 kWp battery storage capacity of 288 kWh was built to meet the electricity needs of the people there.

There are at least 200 heads of families who until now have not been touched by electricity can finally enjoy electricity to support their daily activities. Electricity has become a basic need for rural communities, especially to move the wheels of the economy so that equalization must be sought.

Syntek Energy & Control is very proud to be able to provide the best with its professional expertise in building off grid solar plants. We will continue to support the government in efforts to develop sustainable energy to the 3T (Foremost, Lagging and Outermost) areas to realize equitable energy to remote parts of the archipelago.




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