Praikalala 90 kWp Off-Grid PV Power Plant

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Project Description

One of the things that distinguish Syntek from other renewable energy companies is our commitment to community service in the 3T (Lagging, Leading, Outermost) region. Although full of challenges compared to development in big cities, Syntek has always been committed to helping the government and PLN in the electricity equalization program to disadvantaged areas.

In 2021, one of the proofs of our commitment is the construction of plts Off Grid 90 kWp Praikalala for PT PLN (Persero) East Nusa Tenggara Region.
PLTS located in Praikalala Village, Mahu District, East Sumba Regency has a battery storage capacity of 192 kWh to ensure the availability of electricity for 200 families who have never felt electricity and light before.

Since 2015, Syntek Energy & Control is very proud to be able to provide the best with its professional expertise in improving the living standards of remote communities by providing reliable, quality, and especially renewable electricity.




PT PLN (Persero)



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