Substation Integration to Scada UP2D Makassar

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Substation Integration to Scada UP2D Makassar2022-07-20T05:33:03+00:00

Project Description

PT. PLN (Persero) UIW SULSELRABAR appointed Syntek in carrying out the installation work of SCADA facilities in 11 substations spread across the Makassar area. The RTU system has been successfully installed in March 2022 and is capable of operating 24/7 to control the distribution of 20 kV medium voltage electricity to customers.

Syntek can complete the project faster than the targeted time even though the work sites are spread across various points far apart. With this system installed, PLN UP2D Makassar can act quickly in handling and recovering power outages (black out) due to disturbances. This can further improve service to customers while still ensuring the quality of the reliability of the electricity supply.

Through adequate experience in telecontrol work, this project was completed by Team Syntek well and on time. We are very proud to continue to cooperate with PLN and always support PLN’s efforts to continue to illuminate Indonesia.




PT PLN (Persero)



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