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Process Automation Solution2020-01-02T09:19:43+00:00

The ever-growing process industry is in constant need of well-designed control panel and automation solution. The rapid development of technology and increasing awareness on environment are two of many challenges that we are ready to answer.

We work closely together with mechanical/civil contractor and process expert to deliver a package that is both up-to-date and cost effective. Our continuous technical support will reduce client’s cost of ownership as well as maintaining product delivery, e.g. clean water, paper, chemical, food, etc.

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Discrete Automation & Machinery Solution2020-01-02T09:07:00+00:00

The increasing global competition drives market to require smarter machines with more function and easier to maintain. Close relationship between machine-maker and control system designer becomes more and more important if not mandatory.

Working together with our team will produce machines that deliver better and more constant product quality with low lifecycle costs.

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Smart Metering and Telemetry Solution2020-01-02T09:05:55+00:00

Digital smart meters are devices that automatically capture information about electricity consumption and transmit it back to electric companies. Smart meters deliver advantages such as monitoring electric system more quickly and efficiently and providing real-time data as a feedback to both the electrical system operators and electricity consumers.

Syntek provides full solution in smart metering from the customer side small meters to utility side large meters, integrated using efficient distributed control and monitoring system. We provide the design, engineering, SCADA programming, and maintenance of smart metering systems.

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