55 kW 360 kWh Derawan Hybrid Battery Integration

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Project Description

Derawan Island is known as an exotic island and becomes a tourist destination that has been widely known. In 2012, PLN built an off-grid PLTS of 172.8 kWp / 432 kWh to meet the electricity needs of the people there. The battery system suffered damage and the battery inverter was unable to supply the needs after 3 years of operation because the island load was getting bigger than the pv system capacity.

In 2018, Syntek successfully repaired the system and restored derawan PLTS. We integrate Inverters, Battery Inverters and Generators so that PLTS can operate optimally while still using existing solar panels. Syntek also built a custom-built control and monitoring system to allow the export of battery power to the network, so that the PV Battery system can be monitored in supplying the island’s power consumption.

In addition to being considered more energy efficient, our efforts in improving derawan PLTS are considered more environmentally friendly, because the battery system has worked very well so that it can reduce diesel fuel consumption. This is our proof to continue to be committed to delivering a cleaner, greener, and healthier future on Earth.


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