We offer you an excellent turnkey energy solution from Solar Photovoltaic (PV), Energy Storage, and a combination of both. Solar PV generates energy while Energy Storage helps you to keep in touch with the energy despite the energy source goes by. We are pleased to guide you throughout engineering, procurement, and construction of various Solar PV capacity ranging from the residential, commercial to large-scale plant. Our application for Solar PV consist of :

1) On-Grid System
2) Off-Grid System
3) Hybrid System
Let’s generate clean, sustainable, and affordable energy


Electric Vehicle has been rapidly rising in popularity for the past few years. Finding a professional who understands your need in installing your Electrical vehicle is not easy. Syntek is here to help home and business owners to build their high-quality electric vehicle charger infrastructure safely and professionally. Our smart electric vehicle charging solutions range from AC chargers, DC Fast Chargers and even combined chargers that are suitable to be installed in residential, commercial and industrial areas. We developed a smart payment system interface for convenience energy transactions on every charger.


Safety is a very important part of electrical panels and devices. It is of great importance to deliver well designed and expertly constructed control panels to ensure safe and efficient power monitoring, protection, and control.

Syntek provides electrical panels such as the combiner box and LVMD Panel. Our electrical panel can also be equipped with monitoring devices. With the highest quality and long-lasting, our panels can change currents and reduce currents when rising and avoiding outside such as lightning strikes and other interference that may occur.


Operation & Maintenance is the most crucial things when you just build a power plant. Ignoring the operation and maintenance process will impact your power plant quality and later impact on your revenue. Syntek offers a wide range of services that will help you to keep your solar power plant in high performance. We can also give your the maximum benefits to your investment in a solar power plant. With certified and professional personnel, our services in solar power plant operation and maintenance includes :

1) Performance Plant Report
2) Troubleshooting
3) Machine Operator
4) General Cleaning Service


Make your energy property plan successfully implemented. With the passion to deliver clean energy for everyone, we are the expert to analyze all aspects that will impact your energy property. We guide you towards a better understanding by providing a very thorough analysis of your energy property. The short goal is to minimize losses and optimize energy costs. The long goal is to reduce global warming for the greener and cooler environment. Trust all energy consulting needs to us. Our solution range is:

1) Feasibility Study
2) Grid Impact Study
3) Front End Engineering Design
4) Detailed Engineering Design
5) Power Plant & Technology Assessment

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