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Solar PV & Diesel Generator Hybrid System In Temajuk2024-05-08T04:59:17+00:00

Project Description

As a contractor for PLN in renewable energy development, Syntek has successfully integrated the Grid Interactive Hybrid System in the remote village of Temajuk, Sambas Regency, West Kalimantan. This remarkable project was seamlessly integrated into PLN’s electrical system on September 10, 2023.

What makes this achievement even more remarkable is the use of our flagship product, the Syntek EMS BOX 2.0 Energy Management System, which successfully integrates a 372.24 kWp solar power plant, a 708 kWh battery, and a 440 kVA Diesel Generator (PLTD). Through this system, we ensure reliability and address intermittency challenges caused by sunlight fluctuations while automatically balancing power generation among sources.

The presence of battery storage and complex control systems allows this system to maximize solar energy utilization without PLTD usage during the day (off-grid). Meanwhile, at night when stored energy is depleted, the system automatically activates the PLTD and transitions seamlessly to the on-grid system without compromising network quality. With this integration, the use of PLTD fuel in Temajuk can be reduced, even as electricity availability increases from 12 to 24 hours.

As pioneers of grid interactive hybrid systems in Indonesia, Syntek Energy & Control is proud to provide complex engineering solutions by integrating PV hybrid systems into existing PLN networks. We will continue to support the government’s efforts to accelerate the use of green energy and promote economic growth in remote 3T (frontier, outermost, and lagging) areas through electricity provision. 💡🌏







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