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The first concern of utility companies is reliability and availability in the distribution power system. A bad performance in distributing power to retail customers will raise customer’s complaints, impact on operational and maintenance costs, also impact utility company reputation. In addition to requiring good systems and components, utility companies need professional engineers who understand their needs in providing the highest level of service to their end-user.

With a years of experience in designing a wide range of distribution automation, Syntek can deliver the highest level of service power distribution automation solution for various protocol, e.g. DNP3, IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104, etc. We also complete our service by providing high-performance telecontrol technology for small, medium, and large application.


The ever-growing process industry is in constant need of well-designed control panel and automation solution. The raid development of technology and increasing awareness on environment are two of many challenges that we are ready to answer.

We work closely together with mechanical/civil contractor and process expert to deliver a package that is both up-to-date and cost effective. Our continuous technical support will reduce client’s cost of ownership as well as maintaining product delivery, e.g. oil & gas, water treatment, waste water treatment, polymerization, chemical, pulp & paper, crude palm oil, etc.


The increasing needs of electricity drives power provider to require smarter system which is more effective and reliable. We help you to design and build specific automation system based on your needs for various power plant, e.g. solar PV, biogas, hydro, coal-fire, etc.


A digitalization journey always starts from data collection. We provide end-to-end data integration, acquisition, and visualization service, including hardware and site activities.

To reduce CAPEX and to quickly see the benefit of Industry 4.0, we incorporate open-source software into the architecture.

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