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Project Description

PLTM Tomasa is a micro-hydro power plant located in Poso, Central Sulawesi. During the PLTM Trip, water from dam (weir) continued to flow so that in bad conditions it could cause water to stagnate outside the waterway which could trigger landslides.

The long distance between the soothing tub (headpond) and power house (about 1km) makes it difficult for the PLTM staff to monitor the water level at the headpond and close the water gate if the water level exceeds the capacity it should be

To improve the performance of PLTM and maintain environmental safety from landslides, a reliable and guaranteed PLTM watergate control and automation system is needed.

PT Syntek supports PLTM by providing automation and monitoring systems at the water gate at Weir and the waterway, converting sensor data on the headpond so that it can be read at the Powerhouse, and making a SCADA system for the powerhouse.


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