SEI Mangkei Biogas SCADA

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Project Description

Biogas is one of the most potential renewable energy sources in Indonesia. It is because the raw materials needed to produce it such as cattle dung and factory waste in Indonesia are very abundant. The performance of biogas power plants can be improved through the collection of various types of data including flow rates, pressures, and motor performance data as well as the amount of methane produced. By continuously checking these parameters, operators can monitor and control the fermentation process to maintain biogas quality keep optimal

Syntek offers the ideal solution for PT Patra Badak Aruna Solusi, a subsidiary of Pertamina which has a Biogas Plant in North Sumatra. With extensive experience and professional engineers in installing PLC and SCADA, Syntek makes PBAS factories more efficient. Parameters such as production data, data logging, shutdown controls, and alarms at their factory are configured and displayed in SCADA. That makes clients happy because this system allows operators to easily control and monitor power plant by the SCADA system.


Mangkei, North Sumatera


Pertamina Power Indonesia



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